VMware’s Announcements

So what was all the news planned for the 2nd and 3rd of February that VMware has been posting all over the Web.

A few days ago this was what was said:-

Today Google and VMware announced we’ve reached an agreement to integrate selected Google Cloud Platform services into vCloud® Air™:

  • Google Cloud Storage– Distributed low-cost object storage service
  • Google BigQuery – A real-time analytics service suitable for ad-hoc business intelligence queries across billions of rows of data in seconds
  • Google Cloud Datastore– A schemaless NoSQL database service
  • Google Cloud DNS– A globally-distributed low-latency DNS service

Now VMware have officially announced version 6 of all their products. As this is supposed to be a blog for starters some of this may go over your head do not worry keep at it and you will discover that VMware does some amazing innovative things with software. So here are the product links that have been announced.

vSphere 6

One Cloud – Any Application Anywhere

Integrated OpenStack

Virtual SAN

Virtual Networks – NSX

vCloud Air – Hybrid Cloud Platform

Rich 3D Graphics from VMware and NVidia

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