Sizing My Environment

This question seems to come up a lot in the people starting out in virtualization. Sadly there is no quick and definite answer. The best and most accurate way of sizing the solution is having a partner / vendor come onsite and perform a Capacity Sizing Assessment. this is true of any hypervizor platform. There are a number of tools out there to assist with this. That being said here is a great link to read as not only will you want to know how many VM’s you can install but what the underlying hardware’s impact may be on that application.


Back to Basics: General vSphere Sizing – Kenneth Hui Cloud Architect Musings


HP Hyper-V Sizing

HP VMware Sizing

Basic sizing spreadsheet – Not a VMware Supported Tool

So I started this Blog

So I started it now what, suddenly I have hit a panic what can I say about virtualization that has not been said already by far more skilled people than me. So I decided let me start off with my move into VMware Products. I started back in South Africa in a Business Partner of VMware’s and my goal was to setup the local branch to start selling and implementing VMware Products. Targets set were 3 million in the first year. So panic I did, and then went on training to learn what I was to sell and setup. I soon realized with very basic overview the products where no real challenge to get up and running or even to setup my first virtual machine. So to get anyone started here are some training links:-

VMware Training Site

VMware Hands on Labs

Tim’s IT Blog

VMware Videos

What’s Your Cloud Credibility

What's Your Cloud Cred

If you know your stuff when it comes to the cloud, then you’ve got CloudCred.

CloudCred is the hub for all things cloud related. The game is your gateway to building your cloud expertise, broadening your professional network and earning rewards and certifications based on your CloudCred score. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to the VMware Community


Please Be Patient

Hi to anyone who has just arrived at my site.

Please be patient I have just started this blog and will begin to fill with useful or useless 🙂 information as I move forward. To get you started though let me put this question to you.

What are you hoping to achieve maybe I can start by answering that for you